Remembrance day, a day set aside for showing appreciation for our Veterans and those who work/fight for our continued freedom. However we should be thinking of them daily and showing appreciation when we know of so many other countries who don’t have that or the life we have. Many of us complain about our housing, rights etc when so many have nothing while our troops fight/sleep in the mud, do without a shower or change of clothes for days, the smell of death, with rats, diseases, only to lose their lives and if they survive, they come home to suffer from injuries, PTSD etc.  Many never came home, still lost to the wars still missing. Many people complain, some protest here, never realizing Veterans cannot have the choice of life,  while many other countries live in poverty and will never know what privileges Aboriginals and all Canadians really have.  We see and hear hatred, bellyaching in our country and it is sad that there is no appreciation for even the small things we have. Small things that our Veterans will never know and only wanted to get home for. We should all unite to keep our freedom, not fight among each other! Today and every day I thank my Dad, grandfathers, uncles, cousins and other loved ones and all Veterans & Forces members no matter the race/color/culture!! Today as one, we should be one!!


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